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From Barb Kollen


February-May 2013
Large prints of my popular card fronts and acrylics are being featured and are available for purchase at Clarity Academy for Spiritual Arts in Sacramento, CA.


November 15, 2012
My recent press release was featured today on UK's Gifts & Greetings Review website!


October 10,2012
Artsy Shark, a wonderful website for emerging artists, posted an in-depth look at the evolution of my line. Article was picked up and used on Kate Harper's blog.


September 18,2012
In the fall of 2010 I began creating Inspir-Actions greeting cards in response to an opportunity to develop a talent, which was presented to attendees of my church. Back then and now, the verses come from a journal that I keep. Then the cards were made using scrapbook paper, ribbon and stickers and were printed on my home printer. Now they feature my original encaustic art and are professionally printed. Here I am showing my work at the recent church talent fair.


August 22, 2012
Customers often tell me that when they purchase my cards, they intend to give them to others, but often keep them for themselves. Either way, give them or keep them, they are reminders of loving connection and look awesome matted and framed.