I am Barb Kollen, the artist and writer behind Inspir-Actions. What really inspires me is helping others create more authentic connections in their lives through cards that speak from the heart.

My spiritual practice has been to ask an empowering question of the universe, and in the quiet of the moment, write down whatever words came back to me. My journal of those words became the messages in these greeting cards that communicate kind, loving and playful verses with a ring of authenticity.

A lifelong appreciator of the arts, I began my own journey as an artist by using acrylics. As my style developed, I fell in love with the process of painting with encaustic, which is hot wax blended with colored pigments. The abstracts that I created became a perfect backdrop for the inspirational messages in this collection of cards.

You may wish to frame a card with a message that has deep meaning for you. Give it as a special gift, or keep it for yourself. Each card is sized to fit perfectly into a pre-cut 8x10 mat and frame.

Since the inception of my business, my cards have touched the many who have bought them and those they have shared them with. I invite you to send an Inspir-Actions card to someone you care about, and create your own deeper connection.